Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cupcake Onesies....Week 10

The reason behind the title of this post is simple - Maddie received a gift in a cake box of little cupcakes. They were so adorable. Donny was all excited about them (he got them from someone at work and their family) he couldn't wait to eat them. Until, he looked closer and realized that they were not in fact cupcakes but little onesies rolled up too look like cupcakes. The idea is the cutest thing ever, and not that anyone really reads this, but if I give you a baby gift some day, you know where I got the idea and I am no creative genius. So anyways, the onesies are so cute I snapped a couple pictures of her in them. We try to get big smiles when we take pictures now, sometimes we are successful sometimes she decides to make her own faces.

How cute is this gift idea? Thank you Richardson Family!

Maddie, smile, no? Okay.

Donny calls these onesies her "muscle tees" so I figured this picture was appropriate. Which way is the beach? Oh, that way?

This is what we call crazy hair....

This has nothing to do with the cupcakes or anything but is a pretty cute smile in her bunny outfit. Still one of her faves since she can eat the bunny ears.

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