Monday, January 31, 2011

Wintergreen 2011

This past weekend we had the opportunity to go up to Wintergreen with Donny’s parents. We usually always join them up there around this time because Dr. Pop has a medical seminar he attends. This year we were super excited because it would be Maddie’s first time up there. And, they have a great fitness center complete with an indoor pool. We took full advantage of this and swam for over an hour on Saturday. Maddie borrowed her bathing suit from Miss Emery because we don’t have one her size yet (I will rectify this problem). Maddie loved the water and all the splashing. My only wish was that the water was a little bit warmer so she could have stayed in longer, because she would have. She also did four complete dunks, yup, all the way under. And she loved sitting on the side of the pool and reaching back into the water with a splash.
Of course, when we got out we had packed Maddie her little “towel” to wear. Unfortunately the camera didn’t want to cooperate and kept fogging up, but the picture is precious anyways.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

W&L Swimming edition

Perhaps I have mentioned in the past the Uncle Rick swims for W&L. Perhaps I have mentioned that we go to as many meets as we can to cheer him on. Perhaps I have not mentioned the fan favorite of the meet – Maddie! Ok, so maybe I dress her in a onesie I made myself with Rick’s name on it. And maybe I made a tutu of W&L colors to go with it. And of course a bow too. The team loves to see her banging on the glass from up above, and Maddie loves to see all the boys come up and talk to her. At the last meet she also loved that there was cake – blue icing and all – that I let her eat. Yes, I gave her cake, and she loved it. And, she went from 11:45am to bedtime at 8:45pm with no nap and was still a peach! Here is the cutest little outfit I was talking about – that’s right, fan fave!
Yes, I wrote “kick butt”
Cake, what cake??
And for the record I did drive to Christiansburg to get tulle for the tutu because there was none here in Roanoke.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Maddie Mischief

Now that little miss can crawl – she is getting into all kinds of things. It is so hilarious to watch her go around and be entertained by such simple things. Here are two places that she loves to hang out at:
…oh, can you not see her??
yeah, there she is…
In case you are wondering what she is eating, let me tell you. you know those little caps that cover the bolts that bolt your toilet to the floor – yes, those are her favorite. Needless to say my bathroom is pretty clean.

Now Maddie likes to stand up in her crib too. She pulls up on everything when she is out, but now she is always up and on the lookout when you come through the door – see what I mean?


One super-sweet, melt-your-heart thing that Maddie does now is give kisses. Of course by give kisses I mean come at you mouth open and tongue wagging, but it is so stinking cute regardless! especially with food all over her face anyways!

Dada goin’ in for the kiss!
oh yes!
Kisser beware though….sometimes you get a nice juicy raspberry in your face instead. Mmmm.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Farewell Boston.

Well, it finally came time for us to head home, back down to Roanoke. I decided that since I was going to be traveling back home by myself with Maddie, that it was probably best to split up the 11hour drive. We book a hotel room for us with a king size bed and a pack ’n’ play for Maddie. Sweet child thought the bed was a great crawling ground. Could be worse right?

Snacks in the new jumper.
Crumbs, what crumbs?
I think Jesse probably gained five pounds while we were up just cleaning up all of Maddie’s crumbs. Poor guy will be sad to see her leave for sure.
A good shot of Maddie’s “powerful” legs. So what if her skinny jeans don’t fit because they are too tight and she falls over because she cannot keep herself upright in them. It obviously has nothing to do with her legs, the pants must be small!
And so what if her tights leave the little prints on her legs and hug her many folds and creases, they are tights after all.

Maddie decided to “pack” for herself by taking all of her coats and blanket out of the car seat.
Who me?

Oh, and the king size bed, how could I forget?

Saturday, January 1, 2011


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