Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Smith Mountain Lake with Family!

My family happened to be in town to move Uncle Rick in to school but decided to make it into a week long affair. Since they were here for a while we decided to head to the lake for a little rest and relaxation. Besides, no one could wait to see Maddie in the water and on the boat. She totally loved it! She loved the new floating raft that Babs & Don had gotten for the lake. Here are some pix of our fun couple days there!

Maddie, the smallest one, got the biggest, nicest floating raft to herself - and she soaked it up!

Hey Uncle Rick, what's up? You want to come on my raft? I don't think so.

Bathing beauty.....

Maddie wanted to get the total boat experience, so Donny let her drive.

After all the excitement of the day this little lady was wiped out! Here she is getting some rest and cuddle time with Gramma. Is that some red hair I see?? "Flaming redhead" huh Gramma??

Friday, August 20, 2010

New Outfits & Lunch with Ronnie

Today we went and ate lunch downtown with Donny and Ronnie at Macados. Maddie was excited to sport her new outfit to lunch which we so happened to have a bow to match. I found this adorable little skort at 'Once Upon A Child' that I had to get once I saw it. Anyways, we decided to snap some pictures before we left. She is getting to be pretty good at this picture taking business, I mean look at those poses!

"Mom, are you getting this?"

At lunch Maddie sat in the high chair for this first time! She loved being able to sit and watch all of us, pretty much her favorite things to do these days. We loved it because she was content and we didn't have to hold her. Ronnie filled us in on all that he has been up to this summer. He leaves next week for Bridgewater, so he was telling us about basketball up there and the training he has been doing. It was great to see him and Maddie absolutely loved him - she would just sit and stare at him and smile - such a flirt. As you will notice she had a little wardrobe change for pictures. She managed to poop and get it up her back while sitting (impressive), so we had to change into our "back-up outfit." It ended up working out well because they were both sporting Polo.

Maddie was exhausted by the time we got home....nap time!

Dinner Out

Last night we went out to dinner with Heather and Brandon (her blog). We went to Red Robin because Heather is preggers (!!!!) and it was one of the few places she could tolerate. We had a great time catching up and venting about all the wonderful experiences while being pregnant. And by this I mean time spent heaving over the toilet. But anyways, we did have a blast and Maddie was a super-ham for the camera before we left. She is wearing her new outfit that Gramma helped pick out while we were in Boston. Stay tuned for her chatty video that I will post too.

Congrats again to Heather, Brandon and their little baby!! We are so excited for you both. And for the record, Donny asked if she was going to be "you know, huge." To which responded "no" because she is only 12 weeks.

This flower is massivo and will not lay flat. Boo.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

This time we do rice...naked

We are naked for a couple reasons -
1. Donny forgot to change her diaper before she went to bed so she had a major pee in her pants.
2. Due to this major pee the onesie and pants of our pj's were SUPER wet and went directly into the hamper.
3. Rice cereal is much easier to wipe off of her without any clothes on.
4. Because she can, and she looks pretty stinkin' cute.
And 5. Because how much longer will it really be appropriate to eat naked?
Now if that isn't the cutest thing you have seen then I don't know what to tell ya!

"4" Month Check-up

We went to the doctor for Maddie's four month check-up. We are actually pretty much five months but it was all the shots and stuff that we were to get at four months. Maddie was a super star at the doctors office considering our appointment was at 3:15 (no afternoon nap here), we didn't actually go back until at least 4:00 and she got shots. She of course showed off for the doctors showing her tummy time push ups and impressing the nurses with the fact that she can sit. She also talked a ton to the nurse and left the bed sheet wet with drool. The nurse who did her shots was super nice and practically did them at the same time, one in each leg. She of course screamed and turned all kinds of red but calmed down much quicker than last time and went to sleep in her car seat afterwards. Between the no-nap and the shots she went to bed at 8:15 that night (her usual time) and slept until 7:30 the next morning! Such a champ. Maddie weighs 14lbs 10oz, which puts her at the 50th percentile, and she is 24" long. Officially 2 feet tall!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Maddie does rice...

That's right folks, Maddie is now "eating" rice cereal. She is almost five months (!!!!) so we figured it would be the next step. She meets most of the criteria - sitting up or staying upright for a while (check) and having an interest in your food (major check). Maddie practically drools over our food. So, here is Maddie before the action began, clean and in her pajamas....

where is my food???
hmmm, its all over my face, not really sure what to think...I think we like it!
**for the record, Donny was looking at her food wondering where the actual rice pellets were, hahaha**

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Golfing Excursion

We decided one night to go golfing with the boys. Of course it also happened to be super hot, but, what else is new. Christina and I found a hole that was nice and shaded, perfect photo taking opportunity. Maddie was in her little golfing shorts and was eager to get out of the stroller and sit up for us. She also loved that this hole had a fan to keep it dry and loved when it would blow her hair. She has tons of hair still but it is coming back in so light that you have a hard time seeing it sometimes. Donny was glad that I didn't happen to have a bow or flower to put in her hair for these pictures. Whoa! Maddie what is going on?? About to fall.....
....but she pulls herself back up.

Did I mention she likes to stand. With those legs how could you not?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bear Wedding

Yes, we left Myrtle Beach and headed north for the Bear wedding. Maddie, again = super traveler. She didn't even cry on the whole car ride to Manassas. The wedding was awesome and we had a great time seeing everyone. It has hotter than heck, to the point where I was sweating down my legs that it looked like I had peed in my dress. Yeah, I went there. Anyways, while we were at the beach Maddie had perfected how to sit up. So, when we sit her up she can keep herself up and balance. She is so proud of herself once she does this and is all smiles. She can even chew on her dress or play with a toy while sitting. Here are some pix that I snapped when we went outside for a diaper change / photo session.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Myrtle Beach minus the Pix

Yes, we did go to Myrtle Beach for two weeks. Yes, we had a blast. No, I have no pictures to post. Not because there were not any taken but because my mother-in-law took them and I have not gotten them from her computer. When I do get them though I will post them all and tell you all about our trip. We did have a blast though. Maddie was a super traveler and a good sport for such hot days. She touched down in the ocean and went for a swim in the pool. She was also a star because she slept in her pack-n-play for two weeks with no complaints!


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