Thursday, December 29, 2011

Up to no good.


Oh, and “the face.”

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Dear Santa,

I’m leaving you some cookies – don’t mind that I took a bite. I’m leaving some food for the reindeer too – don’t worry I sampled that again too – its yummy.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve down here is filled with tons of family, fun and traditions. We always (when we are in town) go to Donny’s grandparents house around dinner time and graze for hours on a delicious display of foods. We watch games on TV and those who are not pregnant, ok everyone but me, who is of age usually tests out some of the “elixir” that is delivered. It is some kind of concoction of alcohols you would never want to try alone mixed with fruits and cloves. Every year that Saunders who live down the street/driveway deliver it to the house in a huge tub that you ladle your drink out of. This year, funny story, Allan the night before may or may not have insulted some people of the said family. And when the elixir was no where to be found we all blamed Allan. So the men gathered together and went down the driveway and caroled at their house, hoping perhaps the elixir was there. They came home empty handed, no elixir this year. Well who knew that all along the jug of holiday cheer was sitting on the front doorstep? Everyone was relieved and merrier after finding out that it was here all along. After drinks were served the male chorus performed and they did not let us down. I do have some interesting pictures from the night but I need confirmation to post them – so these will have to suffice:DSC_0392

Did I mention the male chorus dresses funny too? Yeah.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Week 36

So maybe I have been slacking a little on the whole pregnancy post front since I don’t know if I have even done one til now and its 36 weeks. Oh well. As far as the doctors appointment went, I am 1cm and measured 40 weeks! That’s right – 4 weeks ahead, no wonder I feel huge. Baby is head down, which I appreciate, although the foot to ribs jabs are sometimes a little painful. I do, however, have a picture from when I was 39 weeks preggers with Maddie to compare to how I am now at 36 weeks (measuring 40).
    39 Weeks with Maddie                                36 Weeks with #2

So obviously not the best comparison but it will have to do. And, I have no idea why my arm wasn’t in the picture the first time so I just did it again to compare.  What do you think . . . boy or girl??

Picture at 36 weeks with #2 again.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Happy Graduation Aunt Lin!

With doctors permission (I was going anyways) we all made the trek down to ECU to see Lin graduate. I was in charge of pictures at the ceremony and Gamma took ones after so she has most of the goodies. We all had a blast and it was so much fun to be all together again for such a great occasion! Congrats Lin! or as Maddie says “go Lin go, yaaaaaaaay!”

Fan section:

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Not-So Wordless Wednesday: Christmas Card Reveal!

My cards are out and already been received by most so I figure I can officially reveal what we did this year! Here are a few pictures that almost made the cut this year . . .

. . . and April and Donny didn’t think I would post this one, ha!

Oh, I know you are wondering, how did we ever pick our faves? Well, Donny was pretty particular about the ones he wanted, and well, here is what we came up with:



We were so fortunate this year to have our great friend April or AFC Photography (haha) do our pictures this year – as usual she did not disappoint! April, thank you so much for doing this for us, everything came out amazing. Keep that camera ready for when this baby comes – birth announcements – get ready!!

Shutterfly Christmas Card!

Stationery card
View the entire collection of cards.

Monday, December 12, 2011


Donny had the day off today so we decided to try and do some fun stuff with Maddie. I had heard about this place called Jump! from some people and thought it would be fun to try out. Well, for $4 (adults are free!) Maddie got to play endlessly on the “jumpy jumps.” The place had no other kids there which was great. However, most of the things have slides (3 of the 4) so Donny did have to climb and slide with her or help her on them. I obviously would have but this whole pregnant belly thing would have gotten in the way. Here are some highlights of our stay.DSC_0329DSC_0305DSC_0307DSC_0318DSC_0321DSC_0328
Needless to say, these two took great naps that afternoon!


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