Sunday, October 31, 2010

Monkey Business

Lets get down to it - Maddie was a monkey for Halloween. It was truly fitting since she is such a little wiggler and always, I mean always, on the move. Her little boyfriend Park, who is 1 year, was also a monkey. Maddie, going for the older men, I like it. She had a blast going around and seeing everyone. She got once pack of candy, from Park, which Daddy ate once we got in the car. He said "she cannot have candy, and definitely not sour skittles," as he proceeded to eat them all! Enough writing, enjoy the pix!

Dressed and ready to go!Maddie and her "M" pumpkin. FYI "warty" pumpkins are impossible to carve.
Hey look, my baby pumpkin!
Whoa, grass, cool!
Again, the grass.
Hey, hey little monkey!
Again, the grass. Seriously Maddie I take you outside all.the.time., it's like you have never seen it before!!
Cutest monkeys on the block!!
Hey Park, are you going to share that candy??
Maddie Monkey at Gran's.
Happy Maddie with Gran!
This little monkey was so worn out by the time we got home from seeing everyone that I almost had to let her sleep half in her costume. She was a real trooper going around and seeing everybody. Oh yes, and wearing her costume in her car seat - with that little belly, it was a challenge!

Happy Halloween!

This was our pre-Halloween day of fun. Maddie got some really cute Halloween clothes from her Great Aunt San that we wanted to show off. She got the cutest little PJ's that have pumpkins all over them. She also got this really cute shirt that says "I'm batty for candy." The morning was so nice that we decided to go on a little walk - Maddie loves her jogging stroller. Actual Halloween pix to come!

At breakfast Maddie got a hold of Daddy's water bottle. She thought it was the greatest toy ever.

More food please!

Our morning Halloween walk. Maddie had her little leaf that she "caught" during the walk.

Uh Mom, where is my candy??

Monday, October 25, 2010

Bath Time

Remember when bath time used to look like this?? Maddie was so tiny in her little bath tub that fit so perfectly in the sink?

Now we had made the transition to the actual bath tub. Maddie can splash and not soak the floor. And, more importantly, she can play all these bath toys that her cousin Kasey gave her. There are cups and turtles and all kinds of things to play with. Excuse the slight blurriness of all my pictures, I had it on a funky setting and Maddie isn't one to stay still either.And of course, we always style our hair afterward.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Go Rick . . . Kick Butt!

Rick, who swims for Washington and Lee, happened to have a Friday night swim meet while my family was in town. Maddie also happened to have a cute little W&L onesie that I made for her for this occasion. The pool has a lower seating area where you are in front of the glass overlooking the pool. We set up shop down there to watch the meet. And by set-up I mean we had our puppy, Sophie, our drums, yes we were prepared. It was hot and early evening so Maddie got pretty tired but she did cheer on Rick by banging on the glass and showing her butt - just look at the pictures. . .

Maddie is occupied watching the meet and chewy on her puppy.

Wait, where is Rick?? I don't see him!
(And yes, she did wear a tutu for a good part of the meet.)
Go Rick Go!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Crafty Pumpkin

Lets just take a look at how this picture taking went. I made this little pumpkin onesie for Maddie. I patched different orange patterns together and then sewed it on. It's not amazing or anything but it is pretty cute.

Hey Maddie whats up? Oh you drooled on your shirt...nice.

Ok, now you are super excited and what I like to call, "blur baby"

This dog is supposed to make noise, why won't it make any noise??

Uhhh, I didn't do it.
And those are Maddie's "looks" from this photo session.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Soccer Style - Go Lissa!

It was such a nice weekend - warm weather and sunny - that we decided to go visit Lissa and cheer her on for her soccer game. We had a great time outside and even had to find shade so we wouldn't get too warm. Maddie had a blast cheering on the girls and playing with her toys. We even got in a couple pix of Maddie and the soccer team!!

Toys Mom, come on! More toys!
Ahhh, soakingin the rays - this is the life!

Whoa, Maddie playing with the camera. Not too bad, glad you got Dad in there too!

Maddie and Lissa after the game. And yes, she is smiling, the sun is just in her eyes.
Maddie and some of the team!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Go VT!

The Smith family teamed up with the Collins Family and took on Blacksburg for the night! We went down and ate at Moe's (yum!) and then headed to Tech and watched the soccer games. The game - not so good. But, the girls, you guessed it - super cute!!

Ok Mom, I'll show you my bow
The back of Maddie's Hokie onesie I made for her
Hoke spirit!The Collins Family!
The Smith Family

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

And I'm up....and now I'm down

Maddie is desperately trying to "crawl." She can get up on all fours and then just rocks back and forth. Once she gets tired of this she just flops back down on the ground and scoots. She can move backwards but nothing forwards yet. She gets pretty frustrated that she cannot move towards her toys despite all her efforts. Also note the adorable outfits here, I got them at a consignment sale for super cheap! The pink one still had tags on it!

This adorable cardigan, hat and booties were made by Maddie's great-aunt Kathy. We got them in the mail the day we came home from the hospital! They are so soft and warm, and, the hat can easily clip bows right onto it!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Polo is the way to go

Donny was refereeing some soccer games on such a nice day that we decided to go out and watch. Maddie's little Polo dress, which is super cute, is getting super short. Since the warm weather is starting to head out I figured we better get in some pictures while we still can. Of course we had a flower to match!

Friday, October 1, 2010

It's getting chilly outside

Maddie has officially taken her first "ride" in her jogging stroller and gone to her first PH football game! The game was not one worth watching, which was fine because we had tons of people to find and say hi to. She loved her little fleece outfit and also loves the jogger. We love the jogger because it rolls so smooth over our uneven sidewalks.
Mom, what am I supposed to do with this thing?


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