Monday, February 27, 2012

Matchy Match

Kim and Dr. Pops office once made Maddie a little dress when we was born. And so, when baby Donny was born, she made him a little outfit too. So I figured I would dress him up in it and bring the kids to the office so she could see him wearing it. Then I thought, I should find Maddie’s little dress too. And wouldn’t ya know it – it still fits – although really I’m not too surprised since she has only gained 14lbs or so since birth! So duh I took their picture per Maddie’s request, and to show Kim how cute they look incase Donny was asleep and I wouldn’t dare take him out of his car seat . . . so Kim, this is for you!DSC_0928DSC_0929
Maddie may have fit in hers at almost 2 but baby Donny, yours is going to be snug pretty soon! Oh, and Maddie always wants to have her picture taken kissing baby Donny on the head, and then she wants to hold him. . . .
. . . and here's what happens. So be thankful Dr. Pops office that he was asleep when we got there otherwise this is what we would have had to handle!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Just a little preview into what goes on around the house with two kiddos . . .

5 Weeks–Bath time

Yup, time is flying by and we are officially a month plus old. You have started to enjoy bath time more and don’t cry at all when we do it. You remind me so much of Maddie in the little tub!
Here's Maddie at 5 weeks in the tub – a little bit thinner but just as many rolls somehow.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

1 Month

I’m pretty sure I think about all of Donny’s posts with “I can’t believe he is already . . .,” but seriously, 1 month, already?! Well big man (I mean this literally) you are changing so much. You are growing so big, every time Dad holds you he says you feel heavier, which is pretty much true. You are nursing and getting formula at night because you are still just so hungry. We really haven't figured out things that you like, you really just like to go from one thing to another – nothing keeps you really content for very long unless it’s the swing and you are sleeping.DSC_0892
We went for your one month checkup and you are:
11lbs 3oz – 90th percentile
21.5” long – 50th percentile
Dr. Cummings was very pleased with your growth – as was I! She said that these next 4-6 weeks would be challenging and fussy because you are going to be growing and really coming into your own.  You are going to start seeing more around you and becoming a little person and its often times overwhelming (ha!). So we can just expect a little more crying and fussiness. Fortunately big sis Maddie is obsessed with you having your paci every time you make a peep, so she will try and keep you calm if she can help it. My favorite time with you is feeding in the middle of the night because you are so sleepy and calm, I get to watch you drift back off to sleep and hold you while you do your sleep smiles and panting – just like big sis.DSC_0896
Sorry ‘bout the pink bib bud, we’ll get you some blue stuff!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Go Rick!

This year we/I am not making it down to Rick’s conference meet. The whole no one to watch the kids slash we have a newborn thing really threw me off this year. So on the first day we dressed in W&L style to cheer him on – and the other boys that Maddie likes to ogle over at the swim meets.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Monday, February 13, 2012

Kind of felt like super-mom

Basically we had no groceries/food or anything I could rustle up to eat in the house and since Sunday when I was going to go to the grocery store everyone fell asleep on me (including myself) I had to go on Monday – with the kiddos. So I fed Donny, gave him a quick bath, got us all dressed, and out the door to the store. I carried both kids across the lot and loaded us into the cart that has the car attached to the front. I bribed Maddie with those awesome cheddar jack cheese-its and off we went. I got all my stuff on the list and survived without any crying from anyone – me included – score! We got home and I got all the stuff unpacked and started into making cookies for Maddie’s class for Valentines Day. We may have made it 90% through when Donny woke up and I may have bounced him on my hip/shoved a paci in his mouth so I could get the last batch of cookies through the oven. We all broke down – I mean – eventually we all had lunch of some sort and took naps. Maddie and I resumed cookie activity after her nap – I let her do sprinkles – not a super-mom moment but she loved it, whatever.

How to decorate cookies for classmates at school:

1. Get sprinkles out of ramekin

2. Sprinkle top of cookie

3. Shove fingers in your mouth

4. Eat all sprinkles stuck on your hand

5. Scrap frosting and sprinkles off and eat when no ones looking

6. Begin to redecorate said cookie

After all this we packaged them all up and sent them off to school – just kidding. I cleaned them up and we let Dada eat them – he just doesn’t know Maddie licked them all clean before he ate them, haha!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Jumpy Jump

We took advantage of a crummy weather day, the fact that Gamma was here, and that baby Donny had eaten and fallen asleep to head over to Jump! and have some girl play fun. Man, were we exhausted when we left!

Like I said, we had a blast!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

3 Weeks

Well little man, you have survived three weeks around here and you are no worse for the wear – me on the other hand, well I just go day to day – ha! You are still eating (all the time) and sleeping well at night (which I really love). You have also started to like tummy time a little more. Also, your big sis just adores you, she is forever saying “hold Donny, Maddie hold Donny Mama.” It is super cute. You have taken a couple more “big boy” baths, its growing on you. You also went to church for the first time this week! You were a true gentleman, you slept, woke up to eat (some) and went back to sleep. I’m sure you loved/recognized the music because when I was preggo with you and we would stand to sing/clap/dance you would always start moving!

Dressed for church!

Seriously mom?

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Swim Swim

This was our first family outing as a family of four! Uncle Rick had a swim meet down in Christiansburg and we all decided to go. Well, Donny and I “ate” and watched the twenty seconds while Rick swam and Dada and Maddie swam in their awesome kids area. There is a huge slide (which they may have gone down “illegally”), a bucket dump spot and a huge swimming pool. Needless to say we were all pretty tired by the time we got home.DSC_0771

Oh my gosh Dada, so embarrassing!

This year:

This time last year:

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy 2 Weeks Little Man


I can hardly believe it has already been two weeks! You are so much more alert these days and you are getting your days and nights sorted out – which I appreciate. You still weigh 9lbs 8oz but we will get that sorted out. You eat well during the day although I usually have to wake you up, and you do well at night going a little longer 4-5hrs between meals. You do love some attention though – we rotate shifts trying to calm you down! After you eat if you are not passed out you are awake/alert some and then you get those lungs going. You are still handsome as ever and your cord fell off on Monday so now you get to do “big baths” which judging by the picture below, you aren't too fond of yet either. We will go back and visit the LC and see what we can do about getting some more calories in you and plump you up some more!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

To the playground we go!

My posts have been slacking recently – duh, we have a new baby here and life adjusting to that is taking a little while. It makes you realize just how easy it is with one. Speaking of ease, my mom (Gamma) is here helping us/me out during the days while we try and figure out some semblance of a routine. And by routine I mean all kids are fed and cleaned/dressed and I try to get a chance to shower during the day and maybe remember to brush my teeth – welcome to the beginning days of life with two kiddos! So we took our first trip down the street to the park – loving this mid 50 degrees weather in January. Maddie had fun doing the stairs and slides while Donny just slept.


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