Monday, April 30, 2012

It’s like riding a bike . . .

Well kind of. Maddie is obsessed with having her bikes outside so that she can ride all of them when she wants to. Oh, did you see I said bikes? Yes, she has a big wheel, a power wheels and a bike, with training wheels. It may be neon orange and say Tony Hawk on it, so clearly a girl bike.

I recently got Maddie a real helmet. Pink albeit, but a real one from Dicks. It clips on the chin and has a turn knob in the back to tighten it. It makes her look very official.

We (mostly Donny) are excited because Maddie, you can reach the pedals! We haven't quite gotten the whole pedaling motion down but you do love to coast. And go over bumps – unavoidable on these city sidewalks!

I think you look pretty stinkin’ cute in your new helmet – but I may be biased.

I know we will be spending plenty more days outside playing on our bike. Cheesy smile?!

Or walking your bike around like you also enjoy doing.DSC_0522

Sunday, April 29, 2012

What's up D?

Did I mention that you like to eat your hands? Like, all the time. Maybe you’re getting teeth, ahahaha. I laugh because you would have some and Maddie has six teeth now.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Blog oh blog, where have I been?

Um, busy, to say the least. We have been . . .

. . . trying to get double smiles,

. . . getting rid of these (thanks Easter bunny),

. . . trying out some new hairstyles,DSC_0441

. . . practicing our tummy time,

. . . learning to poop (and pee) on the potty,

. . . planting, watering and de-flowering flowers,

. . . and forever/constantly looking for baby.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

D 3 Months

Three months To start, you weigh a ton, or at least it feels that way by the end of the day. We aren't quite sure how much you weigh because Dada tried to weigh you two together and he got an “error” message so he save up. But at out 2.5 months you were 15lbs or so.
I have yet to see you roll over but Dada says that you have.

You talk all.the.time. You babble and “laugh” through our conversations, it is adorable. You still love to talk to Cookie Monster when we change you.
Speaking of changing I am still putting you in size 2 diapers to get rid of them but you need to really be in threes (yikes!)

You put your hands in your mouth all the time! You usually don’t even sleep with your paci you just have it for a second and then sit it out and put in your hand. And anything that is in your hand goes right into the mouth.
Most importantly . . . you are sleeping through the night!! Oh glorious day! We had bumped your bedtime up to when Maddie goes down about a week ago. So we get you ready for bed around 7:30, you get your last bottle , and then both of you go to bed ~8. And buddy, you have been sleeping til 6/7! We both love it!
You still take a little morning cat-nap and then nap at 11, and at 2 like your sister.

Now that you are sleeping through the night you eat 5 times a day. I make you 6oz bottles and you usually drain them all, and you get an 8oz bottle before bed. You eat at 7am, 10am, 1pm, 5:30ish pm, and at 7:30pm.
You are really turning into a cute little boy! I say boy because you are huge and it is hard to think of you as a little baby, although you weren't really a little baby either! You are really coming into your personality. Oh, and that whole colic thing? Yeah I think we are really outgrowing that too!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Double bath, double trouble?

Nah, I just call it saving water and sorry D but you are going to get water in your eyes and the floor is going to get soaked and so am I. While D may not get the best bath in the world it does the trick if I need to occupy/clean both the kids and Donny isnt home.
Recently Donny has been a little busy between working late, helping coach Cave Spring Soccer, taking his (final!!) accounting class, and playing a little soccer himself. Thus, some nights it just me and the kiddos.
I have been letting Maddie pick “special dinner” for the nights when its just us because it is hard sometimes to try and get dinner ready when both the kids have gotten up from their naps and want to eat. And sure, I know what you are thinking, “well if they are both napping why don’t you get it ready then?” And to that I say “oh pah-lease!!” Actually I would probably say something else that isn't appropriate to put in this blog.
When the kids are both napping its like the stars align and the clouds part and a little sunshine comes through and I find myself laying on the couch watching the Real Housewives of Orange County or something equally as trashy. Well that or paying bills, cleaning the house, folding the towers of laundry, mowing the lawn, you get the idea.
So in conclusion, when Donny is away I double it up for bath time and they both love it. It may be a little more challenging with two wet little wigglers after the fact to get in PJs, but I’ll take it.

PS. Would you believe my if I said Maddie does in fact weigh more than D? She does, but probably not for long!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Alumni Weekend/Day

Since graduating from Roanoke College seven years ago, wow its been that long?, I have been back for alumni weekend about half as many times. I feel like since I live here and we go by campus or to a game or so every once-in-a-while, I don’t have to go. By by go I mean attend the men's soccer game with Donny and then eat with some friends. Being a mom of young kiddos I feel that I am past the getting wasted and wearing little Lilly dresses and staying out til who know what time. So, as per most alumni weekends, we went to Donny’s soccer game and met up with our friends – Jamie and Adria, duh. They had yet to see D and hadn't seen Maddie in, well, a year.
A soccer game with two now is a little more challenging. I had glorious ideas of putting the kids in adorable matching outfits and taking tons of pictures as they romped through the grass. It would be sunny and warm and lovely. Well, the day had the potential to be warm and sunny but it was not, at least not at 10am. And as for the glorious pictures and romping? Well, Maddie only wanted to run on the field and D is stationary, so that was out. The only thing I could do to restrain Maddie was to utilize the 5-point harness in the stroller and continue to feed her – she consumed 4 munchkins, 14,000 goldfish and a cheese stick.
Post alumni game we went to Macados, ahh yum. It was just as good as always (in Salem, b/c sometimes the others aren't so good). We chatted, passed around D and ate tons of food. Maddie ate ketchup for lunch, with a straw. And like my good little girl, she didn’t get any on her little outfit, which did match D.
So all in all it was a great alumni weekend. We walked around campus some after lunch and went through the bookstore. We enjoyed the outdoor band – Maddie danced til we dragged her away – and D passed out in him car seat.
Til next alumni weekend!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

I was informed today that I had yet to post my Easter pictures. With all this spare time I have laying around and such I cant believe I haven't gotten to it either. Actually I have been meaning to because I keep admiring the pictures on my camera and needed to dump them on my computer. The Easter Bunny came to our house and left a few goodies for the kiddos. Most importantly – our paci is gone – or as Maddie would say, her “piece.” Friday night was a bad night, she refused to go to bed and shocked us when she opened her door and came out into the family room wanting to “watch bikes with Dada.” Well, while she was out of her room the Easter Bunny snuck in and took her piece, and that was the end of it. Knock on some serious wood, we have not had a problem without it since!

So, anyways, back to the pictures, here is our Easter documented in photos.

Maddie woke up and told me, “Mama I peed,” and boy did she ever, she was soaked. So naturally we went to our fave go to t-shirt, Pirate Nation baby!

Easter egg hunt! And by “hunt” I mean the eggs were on the ground and you literally just pick them up

Maddie spent the whole time looking over her shoulder for the Easter Bunny, she was petrified of him!
”Easter Bunny all gone!”

Only a guy taking the picture would take it while you were holding your daughter and her underwear was hanging out – awesome!
And then I fix her dress and she had her eyes closed, also awesome.

Then after our naps we got into playing with some of our Easter goodies – our paints! I can’t reveal the finished product because we have to mail it to Gamma!DSC_0306DSC_0315DSC_0317DSC_0321

The many faces of Baby D.


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