Sunday, October 7, 2012


For Donny’s birthday (and mine) I planned a weekend getaway for the two of us at the Homestead. I arranged for us to have dinner Friday night, breakfast Saturday morning, golf Saturday afternoon, dinner the night and breakfast Sunday morning before heading home. Donny’s parents were brave enough to keep both the kids for the weekend. I kept this surprise for 5 weeks people. I had all kinds of precautions set up – decoy golf round on Saturday (thanks Chris), plans for that night, so that I would know for sure he would have no idea.

Here's how it went down:

Hilarious right? If you have never been to The Homestead – it is amazing. We really lucked out with some great weather and it was beautiful because all the leaves are starting to change. I mean look at the pictures and tell me you aren't impressed?

Saturday we played golf at . . . .the Cascades! One of the top courses in the nation – Donny was to excited, just watch:

The course, like everything else is amazing. The day started off a little overcast and breezy but ended up being amazing weather. The golf was challenging for sure – some hole we lost our ball because of all the leaves, other times we just didn’t know where or how far to hit it because we had never played – we are ready for next time for sure.

My lie on the tenth hole – I out drove the fairway down into the hill. Fortunately we played with a guy who takes pictures of birds and stuff for fun so he was willing to capture this moment on my camera.

We had an awesome time and came home full and well rested. Sunday was a cold rainy day which meant I couldn’t convince/drag Donny out to play the Old Course – ha ha. We picked up the kids who had an absolute blast at Mimi and Pop Pop’s and headed home. Thanks to everyone who was in on/helped with/and kept the surprise a secret!


  1. I LOVE the surprise video, "well I guess I better call Chris and tell him I can't play tom.!" That cracked me up! You know you are making all of us wives look bad right!!!

  2. Woohoo!! Glad you pulled it off...and no one tried to send out a mass email about it to him:/ sheesh! And yes, defiantly making is look bad:)



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