Thursday, April 8, 2010

Weeks 1 & 2

We can't believe that two weeks has already gone! We have already done so much in just these past couple weeks! We have been doing our sponge baths, see the picture below. We don't really know what to make of these yet. We definitely do not like being cold in between washing of areas, so we try and wrap up as much as possible. Sometimes we get very upset and poop on our nice towel :). Her favorite part by far is when we wash her hair. We turn the faucet on the spray and dip her head underneath just like at the hairdresser, she loves it!

We also like to sleep on Gramma! This is from one of those days this past week when it was so hot out (80s!) and it was equally as warm in the house. So how else to keep a baby cool and look cool than to hang out in your onesie!
We also love to hang out with dad since he is home! They love to sit on the couch and cuddle and watch soccer and cycling. Look at all that hair and those big blue eyes!
We have also tried to include a couple naps in our crib although she sleeps in the bassinet at night. She looks so tiny when she is in the crib! Here we are just sleeping like a baby with out paci and our favorite blanket that Gramma made for her.
So far everyone is doing great. Maddie is feeding every 2-3 hours and doing well sleeping in the night. She usually just wakes up to eat and then goes back to sleep if not in the middle of feeding. We are also so spoiled because my mom (Gramma) is staying with us for these two weeks. She has been helping us get settled with this new little one by helping with food, laundry etc. We are definitely going to miss her when she goes back home!

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