Saturday, April 24, 2010

Weeks 3 & 4

The leaving of Gramma and Grampa was very sad at the end of our two weeks. However, for the next two weeks Uncle Rick was in town to help out and play! We had lots of fun doing all kinds of trips to the grocery store, shopping and even playing some golf! We would joke of course that Maddie would think that we would never have taken her anywhere because she sleeps everywhere we go! Her first round of golf seen below, slept the whole time. The second round of golf later that week, again, slept the whole time. I even got a chance to play a round of nine with Uncle Rick and Jim, slept most of the round.

We did have tons of fun with Uncle Rick though. He got to change his first diaper, not a messy one though. Directly following this he got to do his first feeding. This was then followed by his first poopy experience. I mean poop through the diaper, out the side, through the onesie and onto Rick's shorts. I wish I had the picture I have on my phone to show, I was laughing so hard I almost peed my pants. Although for a 'just given birth a couple weeks ago' mama that isn't saying much, but it really was hilarious. Rick also liked to have her do some dances and other odd things that only your crazy uncles would do.

We thoroughly enjoyed having Rick stay with us. He was a great help and I think we all had tons of fun. We are going to miss you Uncle Rick while you are up at school but, we will see you in a month!

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