Sunday, October 31, 2010

Monkey Business

Lets get down to it - Maddie was a monkey for Halloween. It was truly fitting since she is such a little wiggler and always, I mean always, on the move. Her little boyfriend Park, who is 1 year, was also a monkey. Maddie, going for the older men, I like it. She had a blast going around and seeing everyone. She got once pack of candy, from Park, which Daddy ate once we got in the car. He said "she cannot have candy, and definitely not sour skittles," as he proceeded to eat them all! Enough writing, enjoy the pix!

Dressed and ready to go!Maddie and her "M" pumpkin. FYI "warty" pumpkins are impossible to carve.
Hey look, my baby pumpkin!
Whoa, grass, cool!
Again, the grass.
Hey, hey little monkey!
Again, the grass. Seriously Maddie I take you outside all.the.time., it's like you have never seen it before!!
Cutest monkeys on the block!!
Hey Park, are you going to share that candy??
Maddie Monkey at Gran's.
Happy Maddie with Gran!
This little monkey was so worn out by the time we got home from seeing everyone that I almost had to let her sleep half in her costume. She was a real trooper going around and seeing everybody. Oh yes, and wearing her costume in her car seat - with that little belly, it was a challenge!

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