Friday, October 22, 2010

Go Rick . . . Kick Butt!

Rick, who swims for Washington and Lee, happened to have a Friday night swim meet while my family was in town. Maddie also happened to have a cute little W&L onesie that I made for her for this occasion. The pool has a lower seating area where you are in front of the glass overlooking the pool. We set up shop down there to watch the meet. And by set-up I mean we had our puppy, Sophie, our drums, yes we were prepared. It was hot and early evening so Maddie got pretty tired but she did cheer on Rick by banging on the glass and showing her butt - just look at the pictures. . .

Maddie is occupied watching the meet and chewy on her puppy.

Wait, where is Rick?? I don't see him!
(And yes, she did wear a tutu for a good part of the meet.)
Go Rick Go!!

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