Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Maddie’s Announcement

. . . . she’s going to be a big sister!!

We couldn’t be more excited! I am 16 weeks along and feeling much better. The first trimester was much different this time around as compared to the first with Maddie. We are all doing well and of course very excited. I am due January 19th, the kiddos will be 22 months apart. I will post updates and such on here as we progress further. Oh, and for all you “planners” out there (f.t.r. I am a super planner) we are not finding out the sex – just like with Maddie. Oh, and no names either. Sorry,  haha!

Baby Bean @ 8 weeks – I will get my 12 pix up soon!
Baby Pic 8 Weeks

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  1. congrats, my friend! glad you and dony are doing your part to keep the earth populated. :)



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