Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's a . . . . . girl!

It's true, she is here!

FYI - The following has ALL the details, just a warning!!

Here is how it all went down.... I came home from my doctors appointment feeling some cramping but just figured it was due to my exam that I had just had. So, I just went about my normal business and made dinner, watched tv, etc. I have to laugh because I talked to my friend Tammy that night and asked her what her contractions felt like, she said "oh you will know" when I told her I felt like I was having just period like cramps...little did we both know. So here is what happened:

- Went to bed after watching American Idol.

- Woke up at 11:45 with more "cramps".

- Through the night had these bad cramps, I would get up and walk around, not making them any better. I would go to the bathroom, watch some tv to try and pass some time. I also looked online to see what other peoples contractions felt like, didn't find much information there.

- Kept having these contractions through the night, still not fully realizing that they could be contractions - keep in mind all this time Donny is still passed out in bed.

- During one of my many trips to the bathroom while my contractions are about twenty minutes apart I think I pass some of my mucus plug, very exciting.

- Finally at 5 am Donny rolls over as I am curled up in a ball that I cannot get out of and asks if I am ok - I say no I think I am in labor we need to start timing these contractions! At this point Donny is very excited.

- I'm in the bathroom, yet again, and I decide that I need to call my mom since she is supposed to come tomorrow! I call her at 5:30 she answers, I tell her I think I am in labor and she needs to change her flight. I also have a contraction in the middle of conversation and practically throw the phone at Donny.

- At this point I tell Donny he needs to call the hospital and I am going to get in the shower to get ready and all cleaned up - what I was thinking - I do not know. Donny brings the phone into me because the nurse wants to talk to me. She asks me about the contractions, epidural if I wanted one, etc. At this time we had timed 8 contractions people, around 5ish minuted apart. The nurse tells me once they are 5 minutes apart, for 1 minute, for an hour then we can come in, and to call ahead of time, unless my water breaks and then to come in.

- Two contractions later, in the shower, the water balloon broke like the gush that we all think the breaking of your water will be like. Donny and I shift in to panic, hurry pack for the hospital mode. We pack up our stuff and get into the car.

- We park, it takes me I swear 20 minutes to get inside and up to the maternity floor.

- They strap me up to all the monitors and we try to get some IV in me. After 4 times, we finally have the IV in for fluids. Meanwhile I am just breathing through my contractions - 3 min apart - and having Donny give me ice chips.

- I finally tell the nurse that I really feel like I need to push, seriously. So, she checks me and well, I am 10cm dilated and she can touch the head! But, we have to wait because the doctor is not out of surgery yet. WAIT you say? Yes, just lay there with your legs together.

- When the doctor got there I was so excited to finally get this show on the road. She looked, could see hair and head. Donny dropped my leg that he was holding and moved to the foot of the bed where he stayed for the next couple minutes.

- I pushed once, and she was fully crowned and ready to go. Got my episiotomy and never looked back.

- Pushed again and out came the head plus some shoulder action, so I am told to "hold on" while they suction.

- Push again and out the baby comes and we hear "it's a girl! and she peed!"

And so, Madeline Grace Smith was born!!

After all that everything is a blur. Donny cut the cord and they put her on my stomach. I couldn't tell you what everyone else in the room was doing. They took her up and weighed her, measured her and cleaned her up. She was 8lbs 9oz and 20" long - a good sized baby girl! Everyone in the room was impressed with the speed and ease at which she came and my labor. We got to spend the next hour together before her and Donny went to the nursery for bath and tests.

In the end, we got to the hospital at 7:30am and she was born at 8:48am, which includes the 20 minutes I waited for the doctor to get there. No epidural, and pretty much 10cm by the time we got to the hospital.

We are all doing great and are healthy! Here are some pictures to enjoy of our new bundle of joy!!

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