Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Week 37 Visit

Today was our 37 week doctors appointment and I am officially "full term"!!. I gained a half pound since the week before and my blood pressure was 126/72, still doing well thanks to the gym. I measured a week ahead, 38cm, which is no surprise since I measure ahead a week about every time I go. The doctor said I was still about 1 cm dilated and 60% effaced. Donny was bummed that I have not made any progress since last week but is still with the any day now mentality. We got to see Dr. Smith today, my actual OB/GYN. We haven't seen her since 20 weeks so it had obviously been a while!! Also, in the comedy department, Donny tried to be funny and bring his own "tools" to the appointment to help out. Friday night we had had some dinner with friends and we were grilling out. The light around the grill was out so the boys had these hats that in the brim had two LED lights and an on/off switch. Well, the boys thought it would be funny for Donny to break this out during the visit and pretend like he was going to help out. So when Dr. Smith had her back turned Donny moved to the foot of the bed and turned on the light - she absolutely cracked up! It was so funny! Apparently she enjoyed it too because she told our friends who are also seeing her about it. So, we scheduled our next appointment for next week - 38 weeks!

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