Monday, July 12, 2010

Boston Part 2

We continued to have a great time in Boston. The weather also continued to be super hot. We went with Gramma and Donny to the pool and lounged around...literally. Donny finally got up the second week that we were there and got to enjoy the heat as well as some golf.

Donny calls this the "super lounge mode"

We got to eat at Cheesecake Factory while we were up there :) :) which Donny and I both love. Maddie was getting tired of all the time in the car seat (can't blame her) so we put her up on the table to see everyone. We were not too amusing apparently which is why we gave her the spoon to enjoy as a new toy - she loved it.

When we were at the club one time we spotted this sweet car parked behind me. Upon closer inspection we realized that it was a Maserati, a car that costs oh a mere $150,000 or so. I wanted to hold Maddie over it and take a picture but Gramma was afraid there was some kind of "force field" alarm that would go off so we opted not too. Also, to make you feel better, in the back seat were two little kiddie booster seats. Sweet.

Maddie got some new hair bows and a new hat while we were home from my mom's neighbor. They just happened to match her pajamas which was super cute.

While we experiencing the super hot heat wave we decided to have some naked baby time:


  1. I am beyond JEALOUS that you got to eat at Cheesecake Factory...last time we ate there you were pregnant!!!

  2. cheeeeesecake factory. ah, fond memories of overeating. :)
    also, 'super lounge mode' is a great description of that pose.



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