Monday, July 5, 2010

Week 14 - Our Trip to Boston Pt. 1

Our trip up in here in Boston has been great so far. Maddie was a super champ on the drive up. Since it was just the two of us we got going at 4 in the morning. Maddie slept until 8:30 or so, waking a couple times, so we stopped to eat at 9. We then drove and stopped again at 1 to eat. We finished our drive and went right to Gramma's work to have another meal at 4:30ish. So it took us just about 12.5 hours! The only traffic we hit was when we got on the Mass Pike, go figure. The drive was great and Maddie hardly even fussed for very long, she just mostly slept and slept through the night that same night too. Here are some fun things we have been up to up here.

We thought we maybe "escaped" the heat of the south. We found this to not be true and have a major, major heat wave up here, way up into the 90's people. So we loaded up the sunblock and experienced a true baby pool over at the club. Maddie loved the cool water although it was so bright with the sun and the reflections that I don't think she really got to open her eyes while we were swimming.

We are getting to spend some major quality time with the family. Uncle Rick takes his role pretty seriously and plays with her when he is not working. They do tummy time a lot. According to Rick he is going to have her walking and potty trained by the time we leave!

Just about every morning Maddie has her morning bottle with Grandpa. She is really good about not fussing and gives out some major burps. Grandpa is always impressed!

We of course brought up our toys, how else would we get some rest?! Gramma calls it "baby sprawl" as it looks like we are taking over the house - I warned you!

One of the many great things about coming up is we don't have to pack a pack'n'play or anything. Gramma has our old crib set up with new baby yellow stuff. Handmade bumpers, blankets, crib skirt, you name it, it's in there! Well Maddie absolutely loves sleeping in there. She has her own little dresser and changing table - what more could a little girl need to travel?

We toyed with what to do about the whole bath thing...should we bring the tub, etc. I decided not to because, well, we didn't have overwhelming space between clothes, stroller, two sets of golf clubs, you get the idea? The first couple times we took a bath in the sink. It was fine but a little tight. We have since upgraded to just laying in the bath tub with water on a towel and we love it! She is also into being bundled up after finishing in the tub, which is funny since as a baby(!) she really didn't like to be.
...More pictures to come...

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