Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Four Months & Aunt Pam

So yes, we are four months old! Maddie is getting so big and becoming such a little person! She loves to eat her hands and has begun to drool something wicked - teeth are in our future?! She is also talking up a storm. She doesn't really coo as much as just babbles all the time. She has a squeal that I swear could shatter glass and a smile that brings tears to my eyes. She is such a good and happy baby I can't believe how bis she is getting. She likes to try and "sit" on her own but can only make it a short period of time before falling over. But, she is so proud of herself once she does it.

Every summer - ish we try and a little golf tourney back home. Pam, our swim coach and myself play against the boys. This year the boys happened to be Rick and Dad. My golf game has been the serious back seat since, oh, I had a baby. I think the last time I really played was last fall but I think I spent more time heaving in the bushes than actually hitting the ball. Anyways, Pam and I won, of course! It also happened to be my Dad's birthday too, so it was quite the celebration. Aunt Pam as we will now call her also gave Maddie a little present. I had tried to take pictures of her in the little outfit and post it while I was home but she decided to poop and spit up on it beforehand so those pictures were not happening. These were taken while we were in Myrtle Beach.

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