Thursday, August 19, 2010

"4" Month Check-up

We went to the doctor for Maddie's four month check-up. We are actually pretty much five months but it was all the shots and stuff that we were to get at four months. Maddie was a super star at the doctors office considering our appointment was at 3:15 (no afternoon nap here), we didn't actually go back until at least 4:00 and she got shots. She of course showed off for the doctors showing her tummy time push ups and impressing the nurses with the fact that she can sit. She also talked a ton to the nurse and left the bed sheet wet with drool. The nurse who did her shots was super nice and practically did them at the same time, one in each leg. She of course screamed and turned all kinds of red but calmed down much quicker than last time and went to sleep in her car seat afterwards. Between the no-nap and the shots she went to bed at 8:15 that night (her usual time) and slept until 7:30 the next morning! Such a champ. Maddie weighs 14lbs 10oz, which puts her at the 50th percentile, and she is 24" long. Officially 2 feet tall!

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