Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Smith Mountain Lake with Family!

My family happened to be in town to move Uncle Rick in to school but decided to make it into a week long affair. Since they were here for a while we decided to head to the lake for a little rest and relaxation. Besides, no one could wait to see Maddie in the water and on the boat. She totally loved it! She loved the new floating raft that Babs & Don had gotten for the lake. Here are some pix of our fun couple days there!

Maddie, the smallest one, got the biggest, nicest floating raft to herself - and she soaked it up!

Hey Uncle Rick, what's up? You want to come on my raft? I don't think so.

Bathing beauty.....

Maddie wanted to get the total boat experience, so Donny let her drive.

After all the excitement of the day this little lady was wiped out! Here she is getting some rest and cuddle time with Gramma. Is that some red hair I see?? "Flaming redhead" huh Gramma??

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