Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Feed me solids Mom!

Maddie is forever eyeing our food, even when she is eating at the same time. So, to appease her I try and find something she can gum on or play with.

A roll, just for me?
Toy in one hand, roll in the other - nice!

Maddie has moved up and on to some more sophisticated foods. I have a great baby cookbook that I find my recipes in. I usually try and do all organic but I try and get it when it is on sale. When it is on sale it is as cheap if not more by comparison. Anyways, I made organic veggie stock the other night and then made some organic squash risotto with it. I lucked out and all the ingredients were on sale! Maddie wasn't sure about the risotto - her first real textured food. Daddy definitely did not like it - yes, I did make him try some too. I gave Maddie the spoon at the end of her meal to play with - which she loved! She also managed to suck all the food off, so I guess it wasn't too bad after all!!
See Mom, I ate it all just like you asked!

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