Tuesday, November 8, 2011

18/19 Months . . . sigh

For some reason Maddie continues to get older and I figure if I neglect to actually post about it then I can deny it. Maddie is technically 19 months, which means all of her stuff I post about is actually thru 18 months. And while I say that my child is actually getting “bigger,” those of you who have actually seen her/know her know that physically that isn’t true. So, here goes . . .

According to your 18 month appt you weigh 21lbs 12oz which is the 10th percentile and are 30.5” tall which is the 40th percentile!DSC_0052
- you take one nap a day although some days you could use two, usually around 2 – 5ish.

- you eat eggs everyday for breakfast and more often if you could, you love fruit, veggies and almost anything we give you!

- you still have two teeth! we may need to look into baby dentures or something. The ongoing joke whenever you have a temperature or anything, its because you are teething!

- you talk all the time and you know tons of words! You know most of your body parts including your “gina!” Haha I had to put that in there for Donny. You know about fifteen animals at least and all their sounds that they make. And, you know tons of words for everything around the house – you are very much able to tell us what you want when you want it!


- you run! well, your arms move really fast and you legs moves a little faster than a walk, but you call it running anyways!

- you love school and going to the gym! You have four fave buddies at school that you love to play with and share all your snacks/lunch with. And you love going to the gym to “pay” and feed the fishies.

- you still do so well when we go out to eat or go out places. You love to color at the table/on the table, and are patient for most of long meals.

- you love to say hello to people everywhere and wave hello, even to people driving by in their cars.


- you are good about holding my hand when we are in a parking lot or somewhere busy where you don’t want to be held . . . “I waaaalk!”

- you love to play with your baby and take her on stroller rides. You also love the baby in my belly and love to feel “her” kick and give her kisses. yes, you have decided that the baby is a girl.

- you still have just the sweetest personality ever. You are so lovey sometimes and actually come up to me and say “hug you!” Melts my heart. Everyone always comments on how good you are because you behave so well! Here’s to plenty of more months of that!


Maddie, I can’t believe how fast you are growing up! You are becoming such a big little girl! I don’t think there is much baby left in there. We love watching you grow and develop and it just seems like leaps and bounds that you are taking these strides. Before we know it you will be in your '”big girl” room that we are working on and by then you won’t be in a crib anymore – tear. As long as you keep staying little (petite) and have two teeth I will continue to think of you as my littlest girl!


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