Friday, November 18, 2011

When the sun goes down . . .

Here is what happens around our house at night . . . and this was even when Donny wasn’t home. We eat dinner, and usually get really messy. So, we clean up and get ready for bath. We get our bath ready and see if we have to go potty.

First, Maddie has to check to make sure everything is where is always is . . . who knows.
Then we go potty.

Then we get in the bath and get all soapy and clean. Maddie is getting good about helping to wash herself. I wash her hair and always do a “spike” and when I ask Maddie how many spikes she wants, the answer is always two!

Then we get all dried off and lotioned up. We get in our PJs and I clean up the bath. Maddie decides that since I am occupied that she will get into some mischief – nothing new! This night in particular she decided to see if Cheerios float. She took her water bottle and squirted all the water on the floor and then dumped her Cheerios in it. When I came in and saw the mess she looked up and me and said, “I clean!” and proceeded to spread the water as if cleaning the floor. A child after my own heart!

Can you see the puddle?

Oh, and by this point Maddie is soaked and we need to get on new PJs. At least my floor is clean.

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