Thursday, January 12, 2012

39 Weeks

Plus a day or two depending on who you ask. My due date is the 17th so I guess I’m 5 days away or so – crazy! Today I had my doctor appointment so I figured I would post today – I am almost 3cm and still about 60% effaced. She did say that the baby has dropped some and is at 0 station now – so some progress. Oh, and I am holding steady at measuring 41 weeks. She said really any day now is the reality and if I see her next week after my due date then we will talk about an induction – I don’t think this is going to happen – I don’t think Donny will let it. He has been suggesting walks and massaging my feet, etc to try and get things going. Everyone at his work and most of our friends are pretty antsy and anxious about this baby coming. Like I told Maddie (and my mom told us when she was preggo), “the baby will knock when s/he is ready to come out.”

Here I today, lower maybe?DSC_0514

A comparison:
39 weeks with Maddie vs. 39 weeks with #2
39 Weeks Comparison
I am measuring bigger this time around than I did with Maddie and have gained about 8lbs less than I had with Maddie at this point.

*After my 39 week appointment with Maddie I felt my first contraction – she was born the next morning – 5 days early just like I am now. Will history repeat itself?!*

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