Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Maddie Big Girl

Have I told you that Maddie is a big girl? Well she is, even if she is the smallest big girl you have ever seen. And she’ll tell you she's a big girl too – not a baby. I’m pretty sure aside from diapers we are “done” with all things baby and that includes the crib. It worked out perfect to get Maddie’s big girl room ready and transition her into it before baby #2 comes along. We finished her room right before Thanksgiving allowing ample time to make the transition. So many books, etc say not to transition your child until they are ready and exhibit such behaviors as climbing out of their crib. Well, I don’t think Maddie would have ever climbed out of her crib. She did really start to wake up early and just stand at the corner and cry and wait for you to come in though. So, we started with naps at first, that way it was light when she went to sleep and starting to get dark when she would wake up. We also did tons of playing and reading in her room so that it was fun to be in there. We moved all her clothes and buddies in there and then would grab the essentials for her to sleep in her crib at night. We did naps for one week and then we slept in the bed at night and haven’t looked back since. Knock on some serious wood – we have not had one issue with her sleeping in there. And honestly, I think she sleeps better, she is much happier for sure. She has about eight snuggies that she wakes up and talks to, her turtle which was her new night light for her big girl room, and a couple books at the end of the bed. Here is the big reveal:

View when you walk through her door. My mom, Gamma, made the window treatments out of the flat sheet that I ordered. It has fish on it to match the quilt she made Maddie before she was born.

Growth chart which I have yet to actually write on – we gave it to her for her first birthday from Two and a half Sisters.

Reading corner. This chair was actually the inspiration for the room – Pottery Ban Kids light pink gingham. Oh, and that toy box – it is filled with all stuffed animals.

Bookshelf and kithcen. We moved the kitchen in for space in the beginning and because it was a toy Maddie loved to play with and got it into her room more.

The rear wall. I painted the upper half with magnetic paint (which really smells) so that we could put up her artwork for school and home without having to actually “hang” anything.

Close-up of all the artwork. It spans from her first painting, her ghost footprint, Baby Jesus obviously, and fishy pictures.

Side wall. Right not it is just Maddie’s dresser but I want to get a cool big mirror to go over it and then hang stuff around it – just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Fish painting that my mom made to go over Maddie’s bed.

A close up of Maddie’s bed. We have the XL bedrail which is a couple inches from the headboard and leaves just enough room at the end for Maddie to crawl up – she does have a stool to get up there. It is a full size bed with just a mattress. As you can see she has all her snuggies up there. Big bunnies fill the upper corner where the pillows end. You can just barely see the turtle in the upper left but he is the Cloud B constellation turtle – Maddie is obsessed with him – every night he puts the moon and stars over the whole ceiling. And, he shuts off after 45 min and is cuddly and doesn’t get warm so its perfect to have in bed with her.

Duh, all of Maddie’s bows. I got the “M” from Two and a half Sisters and painted it. It hangs on her closet door.

And there you have it, Maddie’s big girl room!

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