Thursday, September 6, 2012

First Day of MDO Big Bears!

DSC_0292 copy

I cant believe this is your second year doing MDO, you have been so excited for school to start! You are in the Big Bear class this year with all new “big kids.” You are the youngest one this year instead of the oldest.
You had a great first day, I packed you all your favorites for lunch. And imagine, it came back pretty much whole. You ate it all for dinner though.
You loved carrying your back pack in all by yourself just like the big kids. You were excited that you climb the stairs all by yourself now and put all your stuff away by yourself too!
Your teachers said that you had a great first day (no tears!) and had fun!
You did a great job going potty at school – you got two stamps! We have to make sure you have the teacher help you even though you “need privacy!” because the kids potty is still a little too high.
You were talking about all your new buddies on the car ride home and then asked to go home and rest – you were wiped!

You wanted a picture with D before we went to school - well, yeah.

Maddie, this was you last year on your first day of school. You were not even eighteen months old, and I was five months pregnant.

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