Wednesday, September 12, 2012

First Ear Infection

Not really one of those memorable first things, like sleeping through the night, sitting up, crawling, but it was bound to happen and I’m glad we made it as far as we did without one. I knew D was a little “off” because he wasn’t wanting to eat as much as usual – hello red flag, have you met my son? He loves some food.
So I took him in to the doctor just to check and see if anything was up. Aside from the whole eating thing he really didn’t have many other symptoms.
Like Maddie he still slept great and acted pretty much like normal. A little temperature – but with this whole teething thing (!!) that’s to be expected.
Oh, did you hear me say teeth? Yes, a little tooth on the bottom – just one ‘cause my kids cant teeth like normal. Remember Maddie finally cut her bottom two teeth when she was, ahem, one. Yeah.
So anyways, ear infection it is. He is taking amoxicillin and so far no issues (Maddie is allergic). We can’t wait for him to be back to his normal hungry feed-me-now self!

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