Monday, September 17, 2012

My Monday Lunch Date

One of the great things with Maddie going to “school” twice a week – aside from being able to go out and easily run errands, is I get to spend some quality time with D!
Lets be honest this little guy loves to eat, um anything and everything.
We also get to play just the two of us, which mainly is us crawling around (ugh my knees) and pulling up on stuff.
Its hard with a second child to be able to have some bonding time with just them without depriving your first. And while Maddie and D do play together some, he just mainly wants to “eat” her toys which aggravates her.
I think one of his first phrases he will learn from Maddie will be “no, D!” Poor guy.
Anyways – my lunch date, Mondays and Thursdays, such a happy little bugger!
It’s finger lickin’ good!

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