Sunday, May 30, 2010

Maddie's Baptism

Maddie was baptised at Second Presbyterian Church on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend. She wore the same dress that my brothers, sister and myself were all baptised in. Of course we wore our dress undies under our fancy dress - and, we didn't want to get any food or such on our dress so Maddie ate in her undies. After feasting on her bottle she moved on to her new favorite thing, eating her hand.

After eating it was ready to go! Here is Maddie all dressed in her gown - so fancy! She obviously had the mohawk going on the whole day, even after the water. Also she is wearing her little pearl bracelet from Grandma Babs.
Here we are after the ceremony. Maddie was so amazing the whole time and was such a show off. After her "time to shine" she slept through the whole sermon and the rest of the service - she was wiped out!
After the service we had a nice lunch at Babs & Don's house. Here is a picture of the family after lunch - Maddie sleeping yet again...

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