Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Testing out the waters...Week 8

Since we happened to be in Myrtle Beach for Uncle Jim & (now!) Aunt Christina's wedding I figured Maddie should probably test out the amenities our amazing hotel had to offer. Did I pack a bathing suit for Miss Maddie? Of course not. So, I just dressed her in a cute onesie tank top and plopped her in. It actually worked out nice because it was only a thousand degrees out and it was hot even in the slivers of shade that we could find for her.

Here we are testing out the kiddie pool. Maddie touched the bottom! She got we all the way up to her belly button.
Here we are post-pool obviously worn out. We have all the baby essentials here: sleepy baby, new diaper, wipes, adorable sun hat, sun glasses - we were prepared. And yes, I did let her sleep there with the onesie pulled up since it was wet, no sense in wetting the diaper again.

Our next adventure after our nap and after lunch was to tackle the ocean. It was actually fairly warm, but even still, we only dipped in our toes. Gramma was on camera duty and she captured some great pictures. These are some where you can see her face since with the wind combined with my attempt to block her from the sun, sometimes you couldn't always see her face - just a white bonnet.
....testing out the Atlantic waters....

We had a great time at our stay and of course the wedding was amazing! Maddie got to dance with tons of people including the groom a couple times! Congrats and best wishes to the happy couple, we cannot wait to see you back here in Roanoke! Once the photographer gets up some pictures I will post a link to those. I brought my camera to the wedding but had far to much fun, aka I never left the dance floor, to take any pictures.

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  1. getting her started early, i see. i love the bonnet. :)



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