Thursday, May 6, 2010

Week 5 in pictures

Here are a couple things we have been up to this week. It has been pretty warm, so some days Maddie gets to rock around the house in just her onesie, it makes Donny jealous. We go for walks just about everyday in the morning when it is cooler out. Maddie loves to go for the walks, she gets mad usually when we stop. These bumpy city sidewalks do not bother her a bit either.

Here is Maddie sporting her first dress (from Aunt Carlie). It was warm enough we didn't need to wear anything underneath!

New shoes! Thanks to the Laucks who sent us these adorable little booties. They fit great too which has been a problem since little missy has some good size feet. So cute!

Playing with my play gym! Maddie loves to look at the lights that flash and swat at some of the toys and watch them move. I don't quite think she can do it on purpose, but she likes watching them swing anyways.
Other fun things this week - Maddie likes to talk to you. She first started cooing and "talking" to Donny last Saturday, it's so cute. She also "smiles" more. I have not caught a true big smile yet on camera. Keep checking back to see what we are up to next week!

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