Monday, November 15, 2010

'Tis the season to Shutterfly

Oh how I could count the ways that I love Shutterfly. I first saw products made by them through other people Christmas cards and announcements. So, when I knew that I would be sending out birth announcements in March I immediately signed up to start previewing some stuff. They sent me all kinds of discounts, free shipping etc. Their site is super easy to use that it made making my announcement a snap. They also came in the mail about three days after I had ordered them.

Since then I have ordered return address labels, Father's Day cards, a Maddie mouse pad, a huge poster and some other gifts that they have to offer.

Donny loves his mouse pad, as seen here. I love it because I could use one big picture and write a little message below.My mom also loved the announcements that we did that she chose to do her Christmas card this year through Shutterfly. We used pictures from Jim and Christina's wedding to create a collage of pictures. We had fun doing it but there are so many cute cards to choose from it makes for a touch decision. I am also deciding between some of these for myself.

We eventually decided on this one (here) because it had big pictures and small ones that worked with what we were trying to fit.Some of the other runner ups are (all found here):Now of course I have to make the tough decision of which one I am going to use this year for our card. Oh, and did I forget to mention, Shutterfly is giving away free Christmas cards for doing what I just did on my blog. Go here and see if you are interested. Who wouldn't want to brag about their Shutterfly and then get some credit?? If nothing more, sign up with them because they send you great deals all the time, and I mean ALL.THE.TIME. people - gotta love that free shipping.

Happy Shutterflying!!

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