Thursday, January 6, 2011

Farewell Boston.

Well, it finally came time for us to head home, back down to Roanoke. I decided that since I was going to be traveling back home by myself with Maddie, that it was probably best to split up the 11hour drive. We book a hotel room for us with a king size bed and a pack ’n’ play for Maddie. Sweet child thought the bed was a great crawling ground. Could be worse right?

Snacks in the new jumper.
Crumbs, what crumbs?
I think Jesse probably gained five pounds while we were up just cleaning up all of Maddie’s crumbs. Poor guy will be sad to see her leave for sure.
A good shot of Maddie’s “powerful” legs. So what if her skinny jeans don’t fit because they are too tight and she falls over because she cannot keep herself upright in them. It obviously has nothing to do with her legs, the pants must be small!
And so what if her tights leave the little prints on her legs and hug her many folds and creases, they are tights after all.

Maddie decided to “pack” for herself by taking all of her coats and blanket out of the car seat.
Who me?

Oh, and the king size bed, how could I forget?

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