Saturday, January 22, 2011

W&L Swimming edition

Perhaps I have mentioned in the past the Uncle Rick swims for W&L. Perhaps I have mentioned that we go to as many meets as we can to cheer him on. Perhaps I have not mentioned the fan favorite of the meet – Maddie! Ok, so maybe I dress her in a onesie I made myself with Rick’s name on it. And maybe I made a tutu of W&L colors to go with it. And of course a bow too. The team loves to see her banging on the glass from up above, and Maddie loves to see all the boys come up and talk to her. At the last meet she also loved that there was cake – blue icing and all – that I let her eat. Yes, I gave her cake, and she loved it. And, she went from 11:45am to bedtime at 8:45pm with no nap and was still a peach! Here is the cutest little outfit I was talking about – that’s right, fan fave!
Yes, I wrote “kick butt”
Cake, what cake??
And for the record I did drive to Christiansburg to get tulle for the tutu because there was none here in Roanoke.

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