Monday, January 31, 2011

Wintergreen 2011

This past weekend we had the opportunity to go up to Wintergreen with Donny’s parents. We usually always join them up there around this time because Dr. Pop has a medical seminar he attends. This year we were super excited because it would be Maddie’s first time up there. And, they have a great fitness center complete with an indoor pool. We took full advantage of this and swam for over an hour on Saturday. Maddie borrowed her bathing suit from Miss Emery because we don’t have one her size yet (I will rectify this problem). Maddie loved the water and all the splashing. My only wish was that the water was a little bit warmer so she could have stayed in longer, because she would have. She also did four complete dunks, yup, all the way under. And she loved sitting on the side of the pool and reaching back into the water with a splash.
Of course, when we got out we had packed Maddie her little “towel” to wear. Unfortunately the camera didn’t want to cooperate and kept fogging up, but the picture is precious anyways.

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