Friday, January 14, 2011

Maddie Mischief

Now that little miss can crawl – she is getting into all kinds of things. It is so hilarious to watch her go around and be entertained by such simple things. Here are two places that she loves to hang out at:
…oh, can you not see her??
yeah, there she is…
In case you are wondering what she is eating, let me tell you. you know those little caps that cover the bolts that bolt your toilet to the floor – yes, those are her favorite. Needless to say my bathroom is pretty clean.

Now Maddie likes to stand up in her crib too. She pulls up on everything when she is out, but now she is always up and on the lookout when you come through the door – see what I mean?


One super-sweet, melt-your-heart thing that Maddie does now is give kisses. Of course by give kisses I mean come at you mouth open and tongue wagging, but it is so stinking cute regardless! especially with food all over her face anyways!

Dada goin’ in for the kiss!
oh yes!
Kisser beware though….sometimes you get a nice juicy raspberry in your face instead. Mmmm.

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