Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Weekend Part III

What a whirlwind of a morning! Right when Maddie stirred this morning we snagged the video camera and went in and got her. She was, as usual, bouncing around in her crib excited to see us. We got her down and let her follow her Easter eggs. The video could have gone for hours because she wanted to stand, walk and study every.single.egg. When she got to her basket she was super excited to see the couple little goodies the Easter bunny had left her. We rushed through breakfast and then she took a quick shower. While Donny and were getting ready we let her play with her new things . . . as to not ruin our Easter dress prematurely!
Power squat with bunny!

We went to church with the whole family downtown. It was so fun to go back to the church where Maddie was christened and to see Pastor George too. We love going to church there but it also really made Donny and I realize how much we love going to “our” church too. We found ourselves almost clapping and missing all of the music! After the service we took some pictures and headed over to brunch!

New buddies!!
All the girls!
. . . and Matthew too? nope . . .
Matthew and Mike!
Carrington and Emerson!
The crew – minus San & Dick and of course Dr. Pop taking the picture!

After brunch, we were all stuffed and exhausted. Maddie was so good, she had been up from 7:15 and went down for her nap at 2. Once she got up I tried to do a couple Easter portraits.

Maddie’s new purse – complete with lipstick, cell phone and debit card!
Ahh the tongue! I guess that’s just how its going to be!
I love that little nose scrunch!
I love a little Easter bunny smocking!

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