Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Homeplace–where no one goes hungry

And that my friends, is an understatement. Our “small group” from church figured we should all get together and go out to eat sometime. So where oh where to go? A place that could hold a large group of people and kids where the food would be oh so good? The Homeplace was the best decision ever! The weather was great outside which was perfect for all the picture taking that took place after we all stuffed ourselves silly. On another note, aside from eating, we are so lucky that four months ago we were introduced to the church we now attend by some special friends of ours – you know who you are Winking smile. We have been welcomed with open arms and attend Sunday service regularly and are in “making the most of your marriage” small group that meets weekly. We are so lucky to have such great friends! We love all the couples and families that we have met!

Like I said, great place for pictures!

Maddie likes to keep a good eye on her BFF Emery!

Oooh, grass!

The famous fencepost pictures!

Laughing at Lincoln!

Let’s try a family picture….? Thanks for the attempt April!

As good as it gets . . .
Ok, I’m full.

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