Sunday, April 3, 2011

Learning to drive.

When we were trying to decide what kind of toys to get Maddie for her birthday we decided to do “outside” toys. Toys are just getting bigger and bigger and our house isn’t, and, the weather is warming up so we want to be outside anyways. I was so excited to get Maddie her first “car” for her birthday. Donny and I both remember playing with these when we were younger. Although I will tell you, I was unaware that it came in four thousand pieces and had an instructional DVD to put it together, but other than that we love it. Maddie really does love her cozy coupe!
For the record, Maddie can drive backwards but not so much forward yet – so – I love the fact that it comes with a floorboard so I can just push Maddie in it.

Checking up on dad.

Don’t worry mom, I can get out all by myself.

Apparently the cozy coupe is also the perfect height to stretch on

We LOVE our cozy coupe!

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