Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve down here is filled with tons of family, fun and traditions. We always (when we are in town) go to Donny’s grandparents house around dinner time and graze for hours on a delicious display of foods. We watch games on TV and those who are not pregnant, ok everyone but me, who is of age usually tests out some of the “elixir” that is delivered. It is some kind of concoction of alcohols you would never want to try alone mixed with fruits and cloves. Every year that Saunders who live down the street/driveway deliver it to the house in a huge tub that you ladle your drink out of. This year, funny story, Allan the night before may or may not have insulted some people of the said family. And when the elixir was no where to be found we all blamed Allan. So the men gathered together and went down the driveway and caroled at their house, hoping perhaps the elixir was there. They came home empty handed, no elixir this year. Well who knew that all along the jug of holiday cheer was sitting on the front doorstep? Everyone was relieved and merrier after finding out that it was here all along. After drinks were served the male chorus performed and they did not let us down. I do have some interesting pictures from the night but I need confirmation to post them – so these will have to suffice:DSC_0392

Did I mention the male chorus dresses funny too? Yeah.

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