Thursday, December 1, 2011

“I dip!!”

Yup, Maddie is a dipper. She loves to dip weird things into other weird things. Like macaroni and cheese in ketchup or fruit in her maple syrup. Whatever gets the food in her, right? Well of course the other night when I gave her a cookie she started banging the cookie on the high chair saying “dip it, dip it.” Donny responded, “oh, she wants some milk, she’s seen me do it like that.” To which I thought, “how often are you guys eating Oreos and milk when I am not around?” Anyways, Maddie dipped her cookie until her little heart was content, but then, the next disaster occurred – her hand was dirty – another trait she gets from Donny. Of course, the hand had to be cleaned immediately, you can’t just lick off the chocolate residue left on your hand.

Steps to eating an Oreo, Maddie style:

1. Dip it.

2. Eat it.

3. “Uh oh, Mama. Clean?”

For the record, Donny looks just like this when he finishes eating his Oreos too.

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