Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

I was informed today that I had yet to post my Easter pictures. With all this spare time I have laying around and such I cant believe I haven't gotten to it either. Actually I have been meaning to because I keep admiring the pictures on my camera and needed to dump them on my computer. The Easter Bunny came to our house and left a few goodies for the kiddos. Most importantly – our paci is gone – or as Maddie would say, her “piece.” Friday night was a bad night, she refused to go to bed and shocked us when she opened her door and came out into the family room wanting to “watch bikes with Dada.” Well, while she was out of her room the Easter Bunny snuck in and took her piece, and that was the end of it. Knock on some serious wood, we have not had a problem without it since!

So, anyways, back to the pictures, here is our Easter documented in photos.

Maddie woke up and told me, “Mama I peed,” and boy did she ever, she was soaked. So naturally we went to our fave go to t-shirt, Pirate Nation baby!

Easter egg hunt! And by “hunt” I mean the eggs were on the ground and you literally just pick them up

Maddie spent the whole time looking over her shoulder for the Easter Bunny, she was petrified of him!
”Easter Bunny all gone!”

Only a guy taking the picture would take it while you were holding your daughter and her underwear was hanging out – awesome!
And then I fix her dress and she had her eyes closed, also awesome.

Then after our naps we got into playing with some of our Easter goodies – our paints! I can’t reveal the finished product because we have to mail it to Gamma!DSC_0306DSC_0315DSC_0317DSC_0321

The many faces of Baby D.

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