Monday, April 30, 2012

It’s like riding a bike . . .

Well kind of. Maddie is obsessed with having her bikes outside so that she can ride all of them when she wants to. Oh, did you see I said bikes? Yes, she has a big wheel, a power wheels and a bike, with training wheels. It may be neon orange and say Tony Hawk on it, so clearly a girl bike.

I recently got Maddie a real helmet. Pink albeit, but a real one from Dicks. It clips on the chin and has a turn knob in the back to tighten it. It makes her look very official.

We (mostly Donny) are excited because Maddie, you can reach the pedals! We haven't quite gotten the whole pedaling motion down but you do love to coast. And go over bumps – unavoidable on these city sidewalks!

I think you look pretty stinkin’ cute in your new helmet – but I may be biased.

I know we will be spending plenty more days outside playing on our bike. Cheesy smile?!

Or walking your bike around like you also enjoy doing.DSC_0522

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