Thursday, April 19, 2012

D 3 Months

Three months To start, you weigh a ton, or at least it feels that way by the end of the day. We aren't quite sure how much you weigh because Dada tried to weigh you two together and he got an “error” message so he save up. But at out 2.5 months you were 15lbs or so.
I have yet to see you roll over but Dada says that you have.

You talk all.the.time. You babble and “laugh” through our conversations, it is adorable. You still love to talk to Cookie Monster when we change you.
Speaking of changing I am still putting you in size 2 diapers to get rid of them but you need to really be in threes (yikes!)

You put your hands in your mouth all the time! You usually don’t even sleep with your paci you just have it for a second and then sit it out and put in your hand. And anything that is in your hand goes right into the mouth.
Most importantly . . . you are sleeping through the night!! Oh glorious day! We had bumped your bedtime up to when Maddie goes down about a week ago. So we get you ready for bed around 7:30, you get your last bottle , and then both of you go to bed ~8. And buddy, you have been sleeping til 6/7! We both love it!
You still take a little morning cat-nap and then nap at 11, and at 2 like your sister.

Now that you are sleeping through the night you eat 5 times a day. I make you 6oz bottles and you usually drain them all, and you get an 8oz bottle before bed. You eat at 7am, 10am, 1pm, 5:30ish pm, and at 7:30pm.
You are really turning into a cute little boy! I say boy because you are huge and it is hard to think of you as a little baby, although you weren't really a little baby either! You are really coming into your personality. Oh, and that whole colic thing? Yeah I think we are really outgrowing that too!

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