Sunday, April 15, 2012

Alumni Weekend/Day

Since graduating from Roanoke College seven years ago, wow its been that long?, I have been back for alumni weekend about half as many times. I feel like since I live here and we go by campus or to a game or so every once-in-a-while, I don’t have to go. By by go I mean attend the men's soccer game with Donny and then eat with some friends. Being a mom of young kiddos I feel that I am past the getting wasted and wearing little Lilly dresses and staying out til who know what time. So, as per most alumni weekends, we went to Donny’s soccer game and met up with our friends – Jamie and Adria, duh. They had yet to see D and hadn't seen Maddie in, well, a year.
A soccer game with two now is a little more challenging. I had glorious ideas of putting the kids in adorable matching outfits and taking tons of pictures as they romped through the grass. It would be sunny and warm and lovely. Well, the day had the potential to be warm and sunny but it was not, at least not at 10am. And as for the glorious pictures and romping? Well, Maddie only wanted to run on the field and D is stationary, so that was out. The only thing I could do to restrain Maddie was to utilize the 5-point harness in the stroller and continue to feed her – she consumed 4 munchkins, 14,000 goldfish and a cheese stick.
Post alumni game we went to Macados, ahh yum. It was just as good as always (in Salem, b/c sometimes the others aren't so good). We chatted, passed around D and ate tons of food. Maddie ate ketchup for lunch, with a straw. And like my good little girl, she didn’t get any on her little outfit, which did match D.
So all in all it was a great alumni weekend. We walked around campus some after lunch and went through the bookstore. We enjoyed the outdoor band – Maddie danced til we dragged her away – and D passed out in him car seat.
Til next alumni weekend!

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  1. maddie also had some ranch too--it's important to have a balanced diet. :)



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