Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Goof Off Day!

Mornings around here go like: breakfast for all, bath, and nap time for D. This morning I had a little helper for bath who insisted D wanted bubbles.

While D naps we usually water our seeds, check on our other plants and then clean something or do some laundry. Then we do other really important things like touch up our nail polish and then shower and get dressed.

We sometimes go out to lunch and sometimes we just stay in. We goof off before nap time reading stories, singing songs or just rolling around and laughing.

After naps we play/have dinner. Tonight it was green beans for D and chicken and veggies for us. Maddie ate all of her dinner and earned a “treat” on her potty chart so she got to have some ice cream! Lucky gal.

And then we get cleaned off again, get in our PJs and relax a little and its off to bed!

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