Monday, July 9, 2012

Sweet Cousins

We miss our cousins – they don’t get to come through town enough. To be fair we have never made it down to see them, perhaps one day. But, when we all get together we go all out so the kiddos can play together. We got to see little miss Cheyenne who we haven't seen since she was about 8/9 months old and they all got to meet D. I guess technically they are our second cousins (the kids)? Is that what happens when you cousins have kids? So our kids to their kids are second cousins? Who knows – what I do know is Maddie had a blast playing with the girls!DSC_1393DSC_1396DSC_1400DSC_1402DSC_1406DSC_1407DSC_1412DSC_1415

Carrington blowing out her pretend candle! How is she so old already?! When Donny and I got married Casey was preggo with Emerson! How time flies!

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