Thursday, July 12, 2012

Red Sox Night!

Here are the facts:
- Donny's work got a box, with outdoor seats, food and drink
- It was an overcast night and the kids took great naps
- I was asked to remove my child from walking on the dugout
- D ate all of his dinner and promptly spewed some onto Donny
- Maddie ate everything she could find, including popcorn
- We all had some Dippin Dots
- Maddie wanted to sit outside and “watch boys”
- Maddie pinched her fingers in the chair and screamed loudly
- On our way to get shirts after the game Maddie did a face-plant   and screamed loudly, again.
- Kiddos fell asleep on the way home – all is well.

Red sox shirts + new haircuts = ready for the game!

”This chair squeeze my bum bum, Mama.”

Looking intently at the boys.

I turn around to look and check on Donny and D, and I find a big naked baby wearing a bib.

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