Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Boston Part I

After an uneventful (ha) drive up to Boston, we all arrived safely and in one piece – complete sanity, questionable. My parents had planned a trip on the duck tours for all of us to do, meaning – the four of us, my parents, Jim and Christina, Melinda and Rick. We took up a good portion of the boat. We got a great tour of Boston and then got to go out on the water too – Maddie drove us! Afterwards we all went to Cheesecake Factory (sigh) where we all ate an amazing lunch. We had a blast and needless to say everyone was super exhausted.

It’s hard to see Maddie’s head poking through but she's manning the steering wheel!

Jim and Christina got to meet D for the first time! They got in some quality bonding time – over food no less!

Maddie and I also successfully vandalized the driveway, again.

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