Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bye-Bye Baby Bath

Sorry D, I have put it off as long as possible but you are just too darn big for the sink bath. I know, you love it because you can have the little water spray on you but I really think its time. Trust me you will love the big bath tub.

What do you mean I’m done with the baby bath?

Look, I’ll help out, I’ll wash out my own shampoo!

What's wrong with this thing? The water won’t come out!DSC_0218

Well fine I’m just going to lay here and drink the water with my hands.

Oh sure, tickle me with bubbles, that’s just not fair.

That’s it! I’m sulking now, I’ll pout!! You can’t make me give up the baby bath, I won’t do it, I’m going to lounge here until you drag me out.

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